After a few days of reflection, I’ve decided that it’s not fair to Brendan Fraser to go without some evidence proving Pauly Shore’s worthlessness. So, today, we have a piece.

Pauly was known for being annoying. Brash. Immature. Dumb. Weasel. Yesssss, the Weasel. The clip below was aired before Encino Man (the titanic, colossal, mega-skeet film featuring BOTH Brendan AND Pauly!) was released in theaters. I must note that those who know me know how much I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, making the events at 1:11 and 1:21 skank-laugh gold. Enjoy his lush ass.


As we continue to create our research materials (aka, as I procrastinate), I felt I should share one piece of evidence that Brendan Fraser is a weird dude. This has nothing to do with the outcome of the research project, but the fun of it is that we can all make arguments for why Brendan Fraser and Pauly Shore annoy the hell out of us.

The original footage of the Brendan Fraser creepy clap is pretty funny. I may exaggerate his movements when I do my impression, but it’s still strange nonetheless.

What made me love it even more was the remix that’s been circulating the web. I’m sure Brendan is a nice guy who was just caught in an awkward moment. But probably not.

So it Begins

Welcome to our journey! I know you have questions. We’ll tell you all about it – it’s been the hottest topic in our parts for months. Now, we’re going global through the intertubes.

‘Pauly or Brendan?’ is a research project. A good one. It’s definitely worth $12 to find the ultimate answer to “Pauly or Brendan?”

What: A research study to find which actor will be correctly named more often by a single picture of each

When: Now until we get at least 200 answers

Where: Knoxville, TN

Why: Because a group of friends could not agree on which actor would get more correct answers. Also, because Brendan Fraser is average.

How: The fun part. Poster board + quality prints of Pauly and Brendan + adhesive. We’re going to ask people, “What are these actors’ names?” Each actor gets a tick mark for every occurrence their name is answered correctly. One person can name both, and they’d both get tick marks. (Note, we will accept many answers for Brendan Fraser because his name is stupid. Brandon Frazier, Brendan Frazeer, etc) People who are asked to name the actors will not know about this argument.

The Argument: It all started in a group of 3 roommates, and grew to a discussion of over 25 people. Who would the general public remember more often? Pauly Shore might be more memorable even though Brendan Fraser has had a far, far, far better career (but mediocre at best). It’s not about how popular the movies were, it’s how many people will remember their names. We will ask people of all age groups, genders, social niches, everything. This has to be settled.

We will be processing the images this week and piecing together the board and research notebook this weekend. Once assembled, the polling will begin. None of the 25 original debaters, nor our friends who read this, will take part in answering.

Check back soon for updates.